Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow,Wendy

Concrete Blonde – Tomorrow,Wendy


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“上帝第一次来这贫民窟时就被踢了屁屁。”另类的女主唱兼贝司手Johnette Napolitano用女性少有的磁性嗓音唱出了调皮而又晦涩的主题,这支移民乐队关注更多的是不公正的现实。从轻声低吟游刃自如地转入愤怒嘶喊,配上粗糙纯厚的吉他和鼓点,乐队制造的效果是LEONARD COHEN的行吟诗意加上摇滚的飘渺噪音。有人说,另类孤傲的气质,洁净的灵魂注定着他们在地下的发展,像沙漠中神秘起息的旋风,永远锋利地批判着肮脏的社会,追求更纯洁的灵魂。Wendy是谁?他(她?)是否如歌词中所唱的,即将或已经死去?大学里刚开始听摇滚,就爱上了这样的音乐,但至今搞不清楚这两个问题。我只想在睡觉前戴上耳机,在暗夜里静静地听着这黑色预言,想象明天在床上死去。

It is complete now-two ends of time
are neatly tied
a one-way street, she’s walking to the
end of the line
and there she meets the faces she sees in
her heart and mind

They say-goodbye-tomorrow Wendy’s
going to die
underneath the chilly gray November sky
we can make believe
that Kennedy is still alive
we’re shooting for the moon and smiling
Jackie’s driving by

They say-good try-
tomorrow Wendy’s going to die
I told the priest-don’t count on
any second coming.
God got his ass kicked the first time He
came down here slumming
He had the balls to come, the Gall to die
and then forgive us-
no, I don’t wonder why
I wonder what he thought
it would get us-hey hey, good try-
tomorrow Wendy’s going to die



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